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Compelled, called…and curious

I have been listening to all kinds of videos today on creativity. I am compelled. I am curious. Does creativity delight you? You can't get enough of it? Okay...good. Be delighted! Delight yourself and then delight yourself again. Both of my books were written "through" me. I was the vessel where my book landed. I… Continue reading Compelled, called…and curious

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Just for the “Fun” of it…

I was listening to Seth Godin ( He is a blogger and an expert on internet marketing, as well as an author of 18 books. He suggested one should blog everyday and I thought, what would I say everyday? He said many people ask that question, but your blog should be written the way you… Continue reading Just for the “Fun” of it…

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A culture of Perfection…Ugh!

I have been teaching and guiding folks through their own creative process and the biggest reason many folks don't create or allow their voice to be heard, is because it won't be.....PERFECT! I can't say for sure, that at least 500 voice, dance, and acting students have passed through my doors in the last fifteen… Continue reading A culture of Perfection…Ugh!