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Just for the “Fun” of it…

images-1I was listening to Seth Godin ( He is a blogger and an expert on internet marketing, as well as an author of 18 books. He suggested one should blog everyday and I thought, what would I say everyday? He said many people ask that question, but your blog should be written the way you talk and you talk everyday, and you say something everyday whether it be to family members, friends, or colleagues. So I thought, I’ll take on the challenge.

But then the next thought people have is fear of being judged and Seth said, “You will be judged, but so what. Do it anyway and if you want to go with an anonymous name then do that until you feel comfortable enough to insert your real name.

Well, I’m not going with an anonymous name. I am just putting it out there. I am putting it out there because writing makes me happy. It really makes me happy.

Maybe some of you will join me, just because it will be fun.

Do what you love and then…… keep doing what you love.


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