An early winter’s morn

How I love an early winter morn. There is something about a gray, brown, stark looking day in the middle of winter. My heart loves this landscape and loves the feeling of a day like today. I love to look out on fields where rows and rows of trees have lost all of their leaves. There is such beauty in this and it delights my creative soul.My first sip of coffee seems much more full and enjoyable on an early winter morn. Because of course out of the barren and the stark there will later be laughing colorful leaves, green grass, and the fullness of spring. But winter, both the season and the heart lay in waiting for the new. All is quiet and serene as I look out my window into the field where day is on the verge and night goes to sleep. My heart, as is the land are pregnant and in waiting for the new. New thoughts, new projects, new ideas, new songs, new leaves, greener pastures, happy colorful flowers. But for now I’ll take the gray, the bleak, the emptiness, and be delighted with anticipation for the new as the train whistle in the background blares on it’s way to somewhere. I sip my coffee on this early winter’s morn and all….is…..well.


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